Birthday Bells!!!!!


Have you always been thinking of the future and planning every single detail of it? Well i’m a guilty victim of that.

Recently I started reflecting back and I realised that I am who I say I am, and if I don’t take actions about my present then my future can never be molded.

So, anything you do now would give a true projection o f your future, and time waits for no one so live in the present and make the most of it.

Where do I begin. I,m literarily speaking to my self as im writing. This week has just been too stressful, and many at times, I feel like the world needs to end, but I look forward and remember


So many times we teenagers feel we don’t have a reason for our existence(not like mine is my birthday though). And then we are so lost and carried away with our thoughts(”to our dreamland”).

Well, this month has been stressful and I had to speak up against bullies who were body shaming and I was so marvelled as to how angry and stern I looked while addressing the issue.

Then I realised I’ve been looking for me and I’m progressing by the actions I display




How do you know when you’ve got the good ones and the bad ones? Do your friends really determine who you are. Why should we let everyone or anyone determine how or how not to spend our time or how to live.

This past week has been good for me(better than some) at least I wasn’t entering trouble every single step of the way(Do you know how relieving that was).

In this past week I’ve tried my possible best not to let people’s opinion matter where I’m concerned. I’ve tried as much as possible not to let my so called”friends” negative comments get to me(It can be choking at times especially from the people you hold in high regard).

I’d try my possible best to be a better version of myself this new week(the not rude version of lalu, trust me you don’t want to see that side). Throughout the summer clash I disccovered I’m one who gets upset about people’s comment and because of where I’m from I’m prone and exposed to a lot of it.

Like I said earlier I would be a better me.

Yeah this is the month of food and I’m living it















Have you ever been addicted to anything? Maybe like football(my younger brother is addicted), food, televison, clothes, shoes, hair, or even novels.

Well I’m currently going through the dilenma of addiction for novels and I can’t seem to stop. It actuall feels like a cup of coffe and on i can’t do without

Yes this is me feeling like this(not this old though), this addiction is too strong and i’m currenly trying to break free. Apparently I’ve got this big exam next year(IGCSE) and I’M TOLD I need to read novels to widen my imaginayions but can’t seem to get away from my screens or these novels. Can’t even sllep peacefully without a word.

I need help

P.S. you advice would go a long way, I await your reply in the comment section

In My Feelings


I’m so in my feelings right now and I definitely hope to get readers with whom I can share some of my feelings and still feel a sense of belonging.

Dealing with matters of the mind can be so frustrating and at the same time can beoverwhelming. I’ve always tried to mold myself into what people think I should be or what they want me to be but I ain’t gonna continue to live like that any longer, the real world feels so scary that I don’t know where I stand anymore.

There are some certain people I miss in my life we could go on for hours talking and chatting but we got separated because of one issue or the other. Where some people who you used to be so comfortable sitting with and sharing secrets but now they all seem so distant that I can’t help but wonder if were we friends before. Or even those ones we feel close to but they never are with you really only for the fame and the name they get from being around you. But oh well life happens people come and people go we move on.